Character list:

Now before I go in to this there are some I have not mentioned in the story bit, that are important to the story.

Yamato: The main guy in this adventure, with his evil plain. MOWAWA!

(Friends and rival)
Abe Asuka: She will be the next big boss in the exorcist association and kill all
Usui Yukihi : A ice queen women how is half demon and helps Yamato in his evil deed.

Kuzuki Airi: She is in the newspaper club and likes to write on big scoops.
Yamato better watch out for this one.
(Unlikely pair of friends)

Kusakabe Shiori: The shy girl that is also in the newspaper club.
Always with Airi and her adventures.

Other characters are the other students and demons that accompanied you and Yukihi.
(Because this list would be way to long if I named them all)


This I a wonderful intro that kicks ass that will want you to listen to over and over again That said the other BGM is awesome too, it is catchy and has beats to it. But it likes to loop a little to much, making it seem as if there is not that much BGM. Which is a bummer when tiring to take you'r time in reading the dialogue Making it feel like "Turn off the fing music". But other then that if you are a speed reader it is not a problem. I will have to give this sound track 7/10 Devil tails. Due to the lack feeling in it. It could have been better cycling method placed.

The number of the characters is a lot due to all the demons with the main people. For that, it is a really well put virility of characters you can get with any girl you really like. Makes it a plus you get to sample every one before you have to choice who you want. There is great interaction with every character even the demons. Enjoyable comic relief that I personally loved. So this gets a wonderful 10/10 Devil tails. For awesome character design. WOO!

I thought this was very original taste to it. It is a some what of a rape game. It has love and action play to it. Mixing a whole lot of things in one. Making her get pregnant is f'd up but on the flip side she wants kids but not by a demon. She wants that very special person to be with and live together peacefully. There is a fast passed fell to it making it a enjoyable experience for people like me need fast paced begins and action orientated Story flow is great and really don't have bumps in the road. You want to have lots of *** scenes? You go it with in the first 15 min of game play there it is. Btw not going to spoil it. So for the story I give 9/10 Devil tails. Due to the " I want you to get pregnant bit and likes it destroying ones live is a bit harsh.

OMG! New category This game plays as a RPG (Role Playing Game) having that fresh zang to it. It was enjoyable *SPOILER* to go demon hunting and rape victims Gathering info to execute you'r plain of the up most evil. With having fun on the side. This was a great game and for its game play I give it 8/10 Devil tails Mostly because you can get lost if you don't have the right demon party combo to unlock events.

There are quite the surprises in this art work. You think it is just a stand still scene describing ***? WRONG! It has CG in it amazing! I loved this art, no blocks you can *** dicks, pussy with ass and tits too! The H scenes are just so hot make up want to 'pop' in you'r pants good. (Better have some tissues with you) The detail they put in this is hella good as well. The *** sounds and dialogue are very good. Also funny if you have a sick humor as I have. I will have to give this 10/10 Devil tails. I cant find a damn thing wrong with it. Perfect proportions for every character.